ENERGO-PRO for the society

"ENERGO-PRO for the society" is an initiative in support of the regional communities in Bulgaria. The establishment of the initiative is a confirmation of the commitment of the companies in the Group for sustainable development and the well-being of the communities falling within the zone of influence of our investments.

Through investments in socially significant public projects ENERGO-PRO wants to be a positive example for other companies that seek to change the public environment while encouraging people to contribute in a positive way to such changes. The budget amounts to BGN 100,000 per year.

The maximum funding that a project can win is BGN 5,000. It is possible the projects to be co-financed by third parties.

Applicant projects for funding from "ENERGO-PRO for society" should be in the following areas:

Beneficiaries could be kindergartens, schools, universities and municipalities throughout the country.

The Management Board of ENERGO-PRO will determine which projects receive funding.

The funds are paid through donation / sponsorship agreements.

You can submit an Application for sponsorship in "ENERGO-PRO for society" by e-mail zaobshtestvoto@energo-pro.bg.